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Hoboken Planning Board

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Dini Ajmani, Class I

Gregory Francese, Class II

James Doyle, Class III

Lea Cloud, Commissioner

Anne Lockwood, Commissioner

Frank Magaletta, Commissioner

Kelly OConnor, Commissioner

Jonathan Otto, Commissioner

Atif Qadir, Commissioner

Tom Jacobson, 1st Alternate

Joan Allman, 2nd Alternate







In accordance with N.J.S.A 10:4-12, the “Open Public Meetings Act,” you are hereby notified of a Virtual Meeting of the Hoboken Subdivision and Site Plan Planning Board on June 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM.


This meeting will be conducted by electronic means in accordance with the “Senator Byron M. Baer Open Public Meetings Act” of 2020, which explicitly permits a public body to conduct a meeting electronically during a state of emergency. Governor Murphy issued Executive Orders 103 and 107 declaring a “Public Health Emergency and State of Emergency” and directing residents to quarantine and practice social distancing.


Any questions can be directed to the City Board Secretary main line during business hours at 201-420-2000 x 3004 or via email at pcarcone@hobokennj.gov.


No new matter involving an applicant will be started after 11PM. At 10PM the Board Chair will decide and advise applicants whether they will be heard. If an applicant cannot be heard because of the lateness of the hour, the matter will be carried over to the next regularly scheduled meeting or a special scheduled meeting with preservation of notice.


The Board Chair may change the order in which the agenda items are called.



The Hoboken Planning Board is utilizing the Zoom service to conduct regular meetings in compliance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act.


If you wish to participate during the public comment portion of an agenda item, then you must:

·              Join the meeting using Zoom: https://zoom.us/meeting/95066804819

·              When the Public Comment portion of a case you wish to speak on is opened to the public, you as an attendee must then click the “raise hand” button in order to indicate to the Board Chair or Secretary that you wish to speak.

·              After clicking “raise hand” listen for your name, phone number or other ID, given to you during login. Permissions to speak will be then granted to you and you must be sworn in before you can give comments.

·              The Board will determine how long each commenter will speak, and when your time expires your microphone will be muted.


You cannot participate in public comment unless you are attending the virtual meeting through Zoom.


You may also call in to access the meeting. All public users calling in must use +1 929 205 6099 or +1 312 626 6799 and Meeting ID: 950 6680 4819



All microphones of public users will be muted, except as set forth above during the public comment portion of each agenda item.


You can test out the functionality of Zoom, including speaker/microphone on your computer or other internet connected device at <https://zoom.us.test/>.


Any questions can be directed to the Hoboken Planning Board main line during business hours at 201-420-2000 x 3004 or via email at pcarcone@hobokennj.gov. Staff will not be available by phone or in the office during the virtual meeting. You can find more information available at   http://hobokennj.iqm2.com/Citizens/Board/1017-Planning-Board .



To access and download digital plans, agendas have hyperlinks to where you can find digital plans, reports and other materials for all applications to be presented. Within the agenda, click on a link for the case you wish to review at


A.              Meeting Called to Order

B.              Open Public Meeting Statement

C.              Flag Salute

D.              Roll Call

E.              Matters Scheduled for Completeness Review:

1.              511 Washington Street, HOP-20-2



216, Lot 7




511 Washington Street, LLC


Minor Site Plan and variance to demolish the existing garage fronting on Court Street and to construct a carriage house over a new garage.


§196-19D(2)(e) Lot coverage: Maximum of 20% is permitted for accessory building fronting on Court Street, whereas 26.5% is existing and 28.5% is proposed

§196-27.3C(1) Building materials: Minimum of 75% masonry/stone and a maximum of 25% non-masonry is required, whereas 66% masonry and 34% non-masonry are utilized for the proposed carriage house

§196-27.3E Fenestration: glazing representing a minimum of 45% of residential façade is required, whereas 41% is proposed for the upper stories of the proposed carriage house


Jason Tuvel, Esq.


Nastasi Architects


Phillips Preiss Grygiel Leheny Hughes

F.              Next Meeting Date June 9, 2020

The above is a tentative agenda and as such is subject to change.

Formal Action May Be Taken

Last Revised 6/08/20

G.              Adjournment

              CC:Mayor Bhalla,Councilpersons, Board Commissioners, Director Brown, Ann Holtzman, Dennis Galvin, Chris Nash, Frank Banisch